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Digital Moisture Balance

Triode Digital Moisture Balance utilises basic method to measure moisture in all types of commodities in this world. It measures moisture percentage by weight and drying simultaneously.

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Halogen Moisture Analysers

Mettler-Toledo offers its Model HR73 halogen moisture analyser. Designed for professional and efficient moisture measurements, it can meet even the most exacting demands. Due to drying of the sample w Read more

Agricultural Moisture Meter

Lunkad Enterprises offers a portable agricultural moisture meter used for measuring moisture content in cereals, pulses, oilseeds, spices, tea, coffee and cashew. It incorporates the latest microproce Read more

Semi-Automatic Universal Rapid Moisture Tester

ARIC offers a semi-automatic universal rapid moisture tester ideal for use in laboratories of all kinds and for process control. It gives direct reading in percentage. The user areas include industrie Read more

Weather & Moisture-Proof Bourdon Pressure Gauges

Manometer(India) Pvt Ltd offers Fiebig pressure gauges. They are ideal for chemical and fertilizer plants, refineries, power stations and applications where gauges are required to be installed outdoor Read more

Gooseneck Lamps, Moisture Proof

Sunnex manufactures a range of work lamps for every industry--from automotive to aerospace and medical to metal working. 50 W moisture proof Gooseneck Lamps are used on large production machinery, for Read more

Grain Moisture Tester

Grain moisture tester, Model AG-07, is an indigenously developed, highly advanced digital grain moisture tester, manufactured by A-Grain (India). This is a compact, handy, advanced, accurate grain moi Read more

Infrared Moisture Balance

ARIC's infrared moisture balance is a portable and sturdy instrument for field and laboratory use for determination of moisture contents of materials. It can be utilised for reliable determination of Read more

On-Line Measurement Of Moisture In Solids

Elan 6711 Microwave moisture monitor is for nonmetallic solids and powders. It is a full span moisture monitor equipped with one piece reflectance type sensor which has unique deep product penetration Read more

Digital Moisture Meter

Mahavir instrumentation offers dual display digital moisture meter, Model MS7000 having range 9% to 30% moisture content. The features include: 9 material species groups in memory; memory recall RS Read more