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High performance lubricants

High performance synthetic lubricants for longer re-lubrication intervals. Brugarolas is a supplier of fully synthetic lubricants with proven technology, catering, worldwide to
1.Automotive Read more

Automotive Lubricants and Oils

Mahatha Petroleum Private Limited, Chennai, offers a wide range of automotive lubricants, rust preventive oils, industrial oils, MIL C, MIL B, multigrade and mono grade engine oils, gear oils and lith Read more

Anti-seize Lubricants

Twin Tech Trading offers an Anti-seize Lubricant. It is a copper-based lubricant for high pressure and high temperature applications. It resists temperatures up to 1100 degree C and prevents galling, Read more

Industrial Lubricants

CONDAT is going to display its WIRE 2008 Düsseldorf extensive range of lubricants covering all the industrial needs in the field of rod wire, cold rolling, wire drawing, drawing of bars and tubes as w Read more

Aerosol Lubricants

Bhukhanvala Tools offers the Hifin range of products. Hifin aerosol lubricants are essential for all lapping and polishing operations where uniform dispersion is necessary. They assure optimum perform Read more

Dry Film Lubricants

Modcarb India has developed a wide range of Superlube brand specialised lubricants which resist conditions that cause failure of conventional lubricants namely extreme temperatures, very high pressure Read more

Biodegradable Lubricants

Biodegradable Lubricants are highly effective compared to mineral based lubricants, due in part to the low ash content of plant oils. Read more

Oilfield Speciality Products & Lubricants

Project Sales Corporation offers the Jet-Lube range of Oilfield Speciality Products and Lubricants. The range includes: seal guard; marine multi-purpose grease; water resistant grease; jacking system Read more

Automotive Lubricants

Automotive Lubricants are used in various industries to ensure smooth functioning of the automotive machines. These automotive lubricants are known for reducing the friction between the machines, impr Read more

Drawing Lubricants

Lubgraf offers Drawing Lubricants, EZYDRAW-PT model. This is high viscosity compound used for lubrication of mandrel and inside tubes in pilgering operation of stainless steel tube. EZYDRAW–PT maintai Read more