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Water/Liquid Level Controller

Water/liquid level controllers, LLC-11 and LLC-22, are the most suitable instruments for water/liquid tank level control. The level probe senses the upper/lower level, and operates the relay to energi Read more

Liquid Level Controller

The automatic, electronic liquid level controller is used for automation of the pump set operation. This is suitable for conductive and non-conductive liquids. However the choice of level sensing p Read more

Water Level Controller

Water Level Controller is designed to have automatic operation of motor-pump set depending upon the level of liquid in underground as well as overhead tank. When the water reaches below set low lev Read more

Automatic Liquid Level Controllers

Didas International offers Automatic Liquid Level Controller, LOGICLEVEL 1A. This Liquid Level Controller operates the pump like a trained pump operator for 24 hours a day. If its non-contact magnetic Read more

Automatic Water Level Controllers

Digital Systems And Solutions offers Automatic Water Level Controllers, WLC-DX-01. These are innovative and easy-to-use products required for the common household and industries. These are top class p Read more

Conductivity Type Liquid Level Controller

Pune Techtrol offers Conductivity Type Liquid Level Controller, Model CNS. It has a maximum range 10 m. This is used for reliable single/ multiple level switching, of conductive liquids in various Read more

Automatic Liquid Level Controllers

General Electronics & Controls offers Automatic Liquid Level Controllers. It is used for maintaining the level of water in overhead tanks, by filling it up either from wells or overground/ underground Read more

Water Level Controllers

Digital Systems and Solutions offer Water Level Controllers, WLC-DX-01. These are automatic water level controllers. These controller plays a vital role in switching On/Off the motor and serves 24 hou Read more

Liquid Level Controller

Multi function/multi purpose liquid level controllers are available in a wide range. The input is from conductivity type sensor, and supply 230 V AC. Nanotek Industrial Controls & Engineers is one of Read more


Water Level Controller

Tushaco International offers a Water Level Controller based on IC technology specially designed for automatic operation of domestic and industrial pump sets. It is a solid-state device which contin Read more