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Nozzle Heater For Hot Runner Systems

Watlow's Thermasleeve nozzle heater is a low profile, high-performance electric heater with rapid thermal response that allows the heat to be created precisely where it is needed. The patented manufac Read more

Stellar Hot Runner Systems

D-M-E Company manufactures Stellar hot runner systems. These are designed for high performance, precision, flexibility, cost effective small part moulding. The systems feature very tight pitches as Read more

Dydac G Series Hot Runner Modules

The Dydac G Series Temperature Control Module represents the state-of-the-art in Hot Runner Temperature control Technology. Virtually every feature a moulder could want is combined in the Module co Read more

Ultra Hot Runner Nozzles

Husky Injection Molding Systems Pvt Ltd offers Ultra Hot Runner Nozzles. Hot runner nozzles are the critical interface between the cavity and the melt delivery system – gate quality, operatin Read more