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Grab For Electrode Handling

Armatic Engineering offers a range of material handling equipment. Electrode handling grab is designed to handle graphite electrodes from the furnace in white hot condition at 1600ºC. These grabs oper Read more

Air Handling Units

Vacuum Handling System for Sheet-Metal Parts

The loading of sheet metal working machines with vacuum handling devices offers many benefits. In spite of this, many users are not prepared to spend money on such devices, although a complete solutio Read more

Engineered Plastic for Material Handling

Wear is the constant problem in material handling products. Insthane (PU), due to its unique properties of abrasion, corrosion and wear resistance, out performs other materials like rubber, steel, bas Read more

Energy Chain System For Material Handling Products

Igus has now unveiled a complete solution for applications in materials-handling technology, especially aisle stackers, and in the field of automation. For the first time, the company is offering i Read more

DC Motors For Materials Handling

Benlec brand DC motors are ideal for battery operated materials handling equipment such as pallets and platform trucks; fork lift trucks; stackers; walky units; mining and tunnel locomotives. Traction Read more

Ingot Handling Tongs

Armatic has designed and developed special types of tongs for lifting of square, round, and hexagonal ingots smoothly and safely. Presently they are made in 2.5 T, 5 T, and 7.5 T capacities, but they Read more

Material Handling Crab

Vishwa Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of material handling equipment since1995. It offers a material handling crab in range: capacity 0.5 tonnes to 30 tonnes, and lift 6 mtr standar Read more

Crane, Garbage Handling

Armatic Engineering offers a range of material handling equipment. Garbage handling crane is specifically designed and manufactured to meet the customer's requirement to handle solid waste. This crane Read more

Material Handling Systems

Bevcon Wayors is a leading integrated turnkey bulk material handling systems, screening, crushing, cartridge dust collectors and pneumatic conveying systems manufacturing company based at Hyderabad, I Read more