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Extractive Flue Gas Analyzers

Bhoomi Analyzers offer Extractive Flue Gas Analyzers, BI 7000. It is an online extractive analyzer for difficult flue gas monitoring. It uses Electrochemical & IR principle to measure up to 8 pollutan Read more

Efficient Flue Gas Analyzer

Presenting Testo 320, an efficient flue gas analyzer which confidently solves every task on a heating system. A high-resolution color display presents the measurement results graphically with simple, Read more

Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

Testo 350 - the ideal tool for professional flue gas analysis. The users are guided safely through typical measurement tasks through the helpful instrument settings. The measurement tasks include:
Read more

Smart Flue Gas Analyzer

The testo 330i is the combination of proven technology and revolutionary handling. It comes with Longlife sensors with up to 6 years' lifetime, exchangeable by the user and is TÜV-tested according to Read more