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Oil Flow Meters, Mini

Instrumentation Engineers offers a mini oil flow meter, Model OG-LM. Read more

Turbine Flow Meter Based On Pelton Turbine Construction

Protec Messtechnik has developed a turbine meter based on pelton turbine construction and an infrared sensor. The frequency of the square wave impulse is directly proportional to flow rate. With appro Read more

Rotary Piston Flow Meter

Hyderabad-based Reckon Flow Meters manufactures rotary piston flow meter - QZ-series that has single moving component displacing fixed volume per revolution.The rotary piston positive displacement flo Read more

Wheel Flow Meter

Hyderabad-based Reckon Flow Meters manufactures wheel flow meter - WZ - series specially designed for hot water, cold water and effluents flow measurement with high degree of accuracy.The body of this Read more

Dresser rotary flow meters

New Delhi-based Rockwin Flowmeter India Pvt Ltd offers dresser rotary flow meters, which work based on positive displacement principle. These are designed to provide accurate measurement of gas over w Read more

Mass flow meter

New Delhi-based Rockwin Flowmeter India Pvt Ltd manufactures mass flow meter suitable for measuring liquids as well as compressible media such as gases and aerated products. The reasons for this are t Read more

Gas Flow Meter, Digital

Smart Instruments Company offers Smart Flow digital gas flow meter. This is a modernised version of classical soap bubble method, developed by the company and is offered at a very low price. The instr Read more

Magnetic Flow Meter

Manas Microsystems offers Electromagnetic SROAT-1000. It is a near ideal flow meter suitable for wide range of liquid flow measurements even with very low conductivities. It offers no resistance to Read more

Mass Flow Meter

Model MFM-393 is micro-controller based arithmetical computation unit generally used in mass flow applications. The unit accepts three 4-20mA inputs at a time. Computed output is equal to, Square Root Read more

Turbine Flow Meters

Emerson offers a Turbine Flow Meter, Daniel PT Series. It is highly reliable and has an accurate measurement of liquid hydrocarbons. This is of robust in design, which includes upstream and downstream Read more