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Non-asbestos fibre glass cloth

SRM Udyog offers Non-asbestos fibre glass cloth. SRM-Glass are suitable alternative to asbestos and are high temperature resistant. It is abrasion resistant and also has a low irritation factor whereb Read more


Ercon Composites, an ISO 9001 certified, manufactures a wide range of pultruded products as replacement of steel, aluminium and wood. These arecorrosion resistant, strong as steel, good electrical ins Read more

Silicon Fibre Glass Sleeves

Paras Enterprises offers a range of Fibre Glass Sleeves with silicon coating for higher temperature up to 250°C and high voltage applications. Different voltages from 1.5 kV to 7 kV in different colou Read more

Automotive Fibre Glass Parts For Trucks & Buses

Pro Designers specialise in prototyping and production of FRP auto products and industrial components. The company offers products like mini bus front end (fibre glass flexible skin), mini bus rear en Read more

Enamelled Fibre Glass Covered Strips

Sagun Copper Conductors Pvt. Ltd. are providing Enamelled Varnish Bonded Fibre Glass Covered Strips in Copper and Aluminium.

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Aluminum Wires, Fibre Glass Covered

Vidarbha Winding Wires Ltd, an ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified company, offers a range of fibre glass covered Aluminium Wires, manufactured using high grade raw materials. Fibre glass covered alumini Read more

Safety Ladders, Fibre Glass

Saurya HSE Pvt Ltd offers Fibre Glass Safety Ladders.Saurya HSE Pvt Ltd is an independently owned provider of personal safety solutions for the industrial and services sectors. Backed by an enriching Read more

Bonded Fibre Glass Wool

Made from bonded glass fibres. For thermal and acoustic insulation, available with or without AI.foil. Idea for under deck Insulation, over the false ceiling and for Ducting.

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Raw Fibre Glass Sleeve

Ashoka Insulation offers Raw Fibre Glass Sleeve. Fiberglass Sleeve is a braided sleeving which is manufactured from continuous filament E-fiberglass yarns. Because it is manufactured by the unique Read more