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Fast Curing Epoxy Adhesive

Tra-Duct 2979 is a one-part fast-curing epoxy adhesive. It has a pot life of six days and cures in 10 minutes at 150?C. This makes Tra-Duct 2979 a suitable choice for electronic applications which are Read more

Fire retardant potting epoxy

Electronika Enterprises offers a wide range of epoxy for potting, encapsulating and coating application for various transformers, coils, motor laminates, power supplies, electronic circuits, etc, manu Read more

Two-Component Epoxy Adhesive

Fevitite is a two-component epoxy adhesive made by Pidilite Industries Ltd. It is a versatile industrial grade adhesive of exceptional strength. Laboratory tests have shown that an area of 1 sq cm joi Read more

High Build Epoxy Coatings

Stanvac Chemicals offers a High Build Epoxy Coating, Z1369 Thermokote. It is solventless, high build epoxy protective coating possessing exceptional heat resistance properties under ambient cure condi Read more

FRP Epoxy Pultruded Profiles

Agni Fiber Boards manufactures a variety of non-asbestos FRP Epoxy Pultruded Profiles for electrical insulations that combine high strength and excellent electrical insulating characteristics. A blend Read more

Silica Epoxy Chemical Pump

Sando Rotary Equipment offers Silica Epoxy Chemical Pump. This pump is made up of polypropylene, FRP, PVDF and rubber lined. The arduous and hazardous acids, alkalies and many of the organic as well a Read more

Composite Epoxy Sticks

Stanvac Chemicals India offers a range of Composite Epoxy Sticks. This includes: 1. #Z801 Fast Steel – to rebuild engine parts, fix mufflers, radiators, patch ducts and tanks; seal leaks, fill cracks, Read more

Ultimate Strength Epoxy Putty: #Z730 Steelweld/ #8280 JB Weld

Stanvac Chemicals India offers Epoxy Putty of ultimate strength – #Z730 Steelweld/ #8280 JB Weld. #Z730 Steelweld: ultra high strength, two part, 1:1 mixing, steel filled epoxy putty for heavy-duty in Read more

Hard Epoxy Coating

Apex Industries is a leading industrial coating applicator with over 20 years experience and is known throughout the industry for excellent quality, prompt service and innovation. The company undertak Read more

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

STPS offers high quality Industrial, Epoxy Flooring and Protective Flooring. Epoxy Flooring is completely based on high performance, high build, thoxotropic and an epoxy resin-based chemical resistant Read more