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Copper Wire Bare & Enamelled

A wide range of bare and enamelled copper wires are available, which are used for armature and stator winding of electrical motors in fans, motors, pumps, generators, auto electricals, ai Read more

Water-Based Enamels

Enseal topcoats are water-based enamels applied in dip or dip-spin fashion over zinc and zinc-alloy coatings, iron, and zinc phosphated substrates. These topcoats can enhance the salt-spray corrosion Read more

Wagon-Restructure Vehicle Enables Short Changing Time

Pfaff-silberblau Hebezeugfabrik GmbH, Germany, has developed a bogie enlargement vehicle for vehicles on rails to enable optimisation of changing times and reliable transport With this unit all bogies Read more

Synthetic Enamel

Superlac Paints is a professionally managed, customer driven organisation engaged in the manufacture, export and supply of paints. The comprehensive range of paints includes boss acrylic washable dist Read more

High Solid Stoving Enamel

MRF Limited manufactures high solid stoving enamel that imparts excellent gloss and has superior adhesion on metal substrates. This type of enamel is recommended on fully pre-treated metal surface. Read more

Super Enamelled Winding Wires

Khandelwal Cables offers Super Enamelled Winding Wires. Applications of winding wires are basically depends on the operating conditions of such machines and devices. To enhance the life of electrical Read more

Super Enamel/Paper Covered Wire & Strip

Standard Wire Products manufactures Hindusthan brand enamelled winding wires made of EC copper, range between a SWG to 40-SWG (including metric sizes and intermediate sizes). These wires are insulated Read more

Internet Enabling Solutions

InfoWorld Consultancy is a company specialising in providing a comprehensive range of software products – customised development and professional services including turnkey projects, outsourcing, cont Read more

Solid Enamelling Dies with TC & Diamond Insert

Mikrotek Machines offers a range of Solid Enamelling Dies with Tungsten Carbide and Diamond Insert. The company has developed special enamelling dies with PCD inserts, which is a boon to the enamellin Read more

Aluminium Enamelled Wire

Jalan Wires Private Limited offers Aluminium Enamelled Wire. The mechanical, electrical and chemical characteristics of aluminium magnet wire differ from those of copper magnet wire because of the inh Read more