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FRP Doors

FRP Doors comes from Classic Fibreglass Industries. These doors are impregnated with water and termite resistant plywood. These doors are light in weight, durable, long lasting and water- and weath Read more

Flexible PVC Swing Door

Spanker International offers a flexible PVC swing door, a pedestrian and light vehicular access doors. This is the perfect answer for all pedestrian and light vehicle doorways, manufactured to exac Read more

PVC Industrial Strip Door Curtain

Flexdoor is a PVC industrial strip door curtain, for installation at warehouses/stores and hygiene areas and for clean room applications. Plastic Shilp Udyog, an ISO 9001-2000 company, is one of the l Read more

HDF Moulded Panel Doors

Moulded raised HDF panel doors are manufactured from preservative treated well seasoned wood. The door shutters are most durable and highly dimensionally stable. These products are suitable for interi Read more

Polar PVC Doors (Freezer Grade PVC)

Spanker International offers a range of PVC strip doors. Large assortment of materials and attachment methods provide the variety. The fact that each curtain is custom made for users? unique requireme Read more

Combination locks for safes, strong room doors & lockers

Sherni Enterprises offers a range of mechanical and electronic combination locks, manufactured by La Gard Inc, USA. These locks are rated as high security locks and are certified by UL of USA and VDS Read more

Fire doors

Shakti Met-Dor manufactures a range of steel fire, general and scientific doors. The fire door appliance is for installation in building areas, especially in view of the need to compartmentalise and c Read more

Fibreglass Moulded Doors

RGM Polyester Laminates is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) and rotomoulding products. RGM fibre rein forced polymers (FRP) and rotomoulding products are today Read more

Roll-Up Door, High Speed

The STR high-speed roll-up turbo door from Efaflex ? Germany, opens a new dimension in door construction. With opening speeds of over 3.6 m/sec the brand new STR is the world-wide fastest door system Read more

High-Speed Roll-Up Doors

Nordipap Consultants offers a range of high performance doors from Albany Door Systems, the pioneering force behind the world of door systems. RapidRoll? 330 is available in maximum door width 4000 mm Read more