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Compact Fluid/Air Cooling System

The fluid/air cooling system from Hydac Technology GmbH consists of a cooler, pump, tank and filter. It can be used for cooling AC main drives, motor spindles on processing machines, clutch and brakin Read more

Central air cooling systems

Abbott Air Systems offers central air cooling systems. A continuous flow of air at certain pressure is pushed inside the required zone, which maintains the required number of air changes. The existing Read more

Spray Nozzles and Mist Cooling System

Aa-1 USA Company specialises in all kinds of fog nozzles for fog mist cooling, high pressure water atomizing spray, non drip, humidifying, poultry, hogs, dairy cows, dust control, industrial water spr Read more

Dry Fog Cooling System

Under the brand name of Turbo Cool the Dry Fog Cooling System is best suited for spot zone or total space. It can be used to reduce temperature up to 25 degrees Celsius less than the ambient temper Read more

Evaporative Cooling System

SunGreen Ventilation Systems provide Evaporated Cooling Systems under the brand name of Turbo Top for industrial roofs. It can effectively reduce up to 15 degrees Celsius less than the ambient temp Read more

Mist Cooling System

Mist Resonance Engineering offers Mist Cooling System. This is a revolutionary system for cooling large quantities of hot water making conventional spray system/cooling towers obsolete. It enhances th Read more

Evaporative Cooling Systems

Airtech Engineers offers air washers with cellulose paper pads, cross sectional, specially treated fluid media capable of absorbing and retaining water to provide the maximum cooling efficiencies. Read more

Evaporative Cooling System

The evaporated cooling system is highly demanded for use in different industries for its elevated performance, sturdy construction, durability and the capacity of up to 60000 CMH. Its main application Read more

Advanced Cooling System

Advanced Cooling Solutions for electronics uses patented Macrospray macrolaminate technology and advanced material bonding techniques. These solutions include traditional liquid flow through coldplate Read more

Micromist Cooling Systems

Indore Saws & Tools offers a Micromist Cooling System is used for applying a thin film of microlube to either, bandsaw or circular blades with more precision and reliability.
The company is an aff Read more