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RS232 To Bluetooth Converter

RS232 To Bluetooth Converter comes from San Telequip Pvt. Ltd. Bluetooth wireless technology is ideal for applications such as mobile computing (delivery trucks, emergency vehicles), medical and re Read more

Industrial Fibre Optical Converter

KOM300 is an industrial fibre optic converter developed by Kyland. It can work in harsh electromagnetic environment and different temperatures.

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Signal Powered Rs-232 To Rs-485 Converter

Signal Powered Rs-232 To Rs-485 Converter, LDM 2485, can convert a PC into an RS-485 workstation. This model does not require power supply for operation. Use of low power circuits and sensitive optica Read more

DC/DC Converters

Cosel Co, Japan, offers multipurpose converters from 10 W to 1500 W capability which can have simultaneous AC and DC inputs. Industrial grade professional power converters are suitable for application Read more

DC-DC Converters

Cosel, Japan, has introduced a wide range of DC/DC converters with inputs ranging from 4.5 V to 72 V DC as well as 88-370 V DC. The units have single or dual output with standard voltages from 5 to 30 Read more

DC/DC Converters

Natel offers TD Series DC/DC converters with power ratings of 30, 50, 75, 100, and 150 W. They are for distributed and board mounting power systems in telecom munications applications. Read more

Passive Current Converters

The active current converter module MCR from Phoenix Contact is now also available in two passive versions. The modules MCR-SLP-1/5-UI-O-(-SW) convert sinusoidal alternating currents of 1 and 5 A into Read more

DC/DC Converter

Curtis Instruments Inc has introduced an economical, reliable high frequency DC/DC converter to power auxiliary electrical systems. This new unit, which is completely protected from the environment, i Read more

DC-DC Converter

SFLS series is a super low profile DC-DC converter with height of 4.2 mm from Cosel. The wide line-up of super low-profile and highly efficient isolated surface-mount DC-DC converters includes 10 W Read more

Power supplies SMPS & DC-DC converters

Vinit Electronics & Electricals offers a range of SMPS power supplies and DC-DC converters. SMPS are available in single output from 5 V 2 A up to 5 V 100 A or 12, 24, 48 V, 110 V O/P, and multiple ou Read more