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Electrical contactors

Current Krafters manufactures all types of electrical contactors for forklifts, jumbo platform trucks, lifters etc, in different ranges. These include NO+NC, reverse forward, only NC, etc, in differen Read more

DC Contactors

These contactors from Elektromag Methods are designed for heavy-duty frequent operations demanded by mill and crane duty suitable for voltage up to 600 V DC. These contactors are designed for mechanic Read more

Air-break contactors

Andrew Yule & Company Limited makes air-break contactors designed to meet the most arduous industrial conditions. The contractor?s capability to operate at low pick up and dropout control voltage ensu Read more

AC Contactors

Haifeng Intelligent Electric Appliance Co. Ltd offers AC Contactor, LC1-D. It is suitable for using in the circuits up to the rated voltage 660V AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated current up to 95a, for making, b Read more

AC Contactors

Chnze Electric Co is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of various types of electrical items and accessories, such as circuit breakers, contactors, meters, relays, fuses, switches, pushbutt Read more

Air Break Contactors

Peco Industries offers Air Break Contactors, Type- PC. Range: PC-0/ PC-1/ PC-1.5 - 12 A/ 16 A/ 25 A; PC-2 and PC-3 - 32 A and 40 A; and PC-4/ PC-6 - 70 A and 110 A. Features: Longer contact life wi Read more

AC Air Break Contactors

Peco Industries offers AC Air Break Contactors. It is manufactured as per international standards. It consists of a fixed contact system with a magnetic core, solenoid coil and a moving contact sys Read more

Electric Contactors

Lovato Asia offers Electric Contactors. These contactors include three and four-pole versions, with AC and DC coil. The contactors, 110 A AC3 and higher, have a coil which operates differently in AC o Read more

DC Contactors

Dynamic Enterprises offers DC Contactors. These are single pole On/Off and changeover contactors with panel mounting type. These are clapper type electro-magnetic designed and used in capacitor discha Read more

AC Air Break Contactors

AC air break contactors from PECO Industries fully conform to IS: 13947 (Part 4/Section 1) and other standard equivalent is IEC 60947-4-1/60947-1/60947-4-2. These contactors consist of a fixed cont Read more