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Ditch Cleaning Machine

Maniar is a manufacturer and exporter of various waste handling, material handling, and construction, fire fighting and special purpose vehicles and equipment. It is a leading name in utility material Read more

Multi-Chamber Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Trans-O-Sonic manufactures microprocessor based multichamber industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines for use in industries such as automobile, electroplating, jewellery, ophthalmic, and engineering. M Read more

Gunny Bag Cleaning Machine

Palhan Engineering Industries offers a gunny bag cleaning machine. The machine is fabricated from steel, and fitted with heavy-duty brackets and bearings for smooth running. The machine is attached wi Read more

Floor/Carpet Cleaning Machine

Ind Tra Deco offers the latest machine for cleaning floors and carpets. The model E-4-S is a tough cleaner. This is a machine truly designed for the professional, combining 120 watts of power with 40 Read more

Tube Descaling & Pipe Cleaning Machines

Flex Tool offers boiler tube descaling equipment manufactured by Good Earth. The equipment consists of an AC induction motor drive prime mover, mounted on a mobile trolley, to rotate the flexible shaf Read more

Gas & Oil Pipelines Cleaning Machine

Patel Furnace & Forging Pvt Ltd has recently developed a pipe cleaning machine for cross country gas and oil pipe-lines. This one wheel pipe cleaning machine can handle pipes of diameters from 4 to 42 Read more

Reactor Tube Cleaning Machine

Mec Shot Blasting Equipment Pvt Ltd offers a reactor tube-cleaning machine. Internal cleaning of reactor tubes in-situ, was a challenging task until recently due to the huge quantity of tubes having s Read more

Airless Blast Cleaning Machine

The Rotoflow airless blast cleaning machine from Officine Meccaniche permits automatic cleaning of small to medium sized workpieces in a. continuous process. This system is ideal for interconnection w Read more

Blast Cleaning Machine For Piston Rings

Mec Shot Blasting Equipment designs and manufactures hi-tech machines used for cleaning of ID/OD of piston rings. Various types and sizes of piston rings are required to be cleaned as part of manufact Read more

Centrifugal Blast Cleaning Machines

Synco designs and manufactures centrifugal blast cleaning machines. While abrasives are axially fed in the blast wheel through impeller, their flow pattern and direction of flow are controlled by the Read more