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Depth Micrometer Checker

The instrument 'Mikronix' Depth Micrometer Checker manufactured by Micronix Associates is specially designed for the calibration of depth micrometer. Gauge blocks are built-in the rigid frame to provi Read more

Automatic Weight Checker

La'Mina offers an automatic machine to check the weight of components accurately on an electronic scale at 15 to 30 parts per minute. The unit consists of a vibratory bowl feeder, linear feeder, servo Read more

Electric Motor Checker

Monarch Electronics offers CEE/1001 electric motor checker for comprehensive checks of rotor and stator, inductance, resistance and insulation resistance, without dismantling the motors, only to isola Read more

Aluminium Porosity Checker

Dynarad Corporation, USA, introduces DynaVac, an aluminium porosity checker. It provides a very quick and effective method for determining the amount of dissolved hydrogen gas contained in a sample of Read more

Single Disc Check Valve

Radiant Flow Engineers is a manufacturer of industrial valves, aseptic service valves and pipe fittings. The company offers single disc check valves. Specifications: design features – DIN EN Read more

Valves, Wafer Check Type

Ashwin Engineering manufactures a range of valves and accessories for various types of industries. Wafer check valves are available in various sizes from 40 mm to 350 mm. The pressure range is PN 10 t Read more

Air-Diffuser Check Valves

Red Valve Company's Tideflex air-diffuser check valves accelerate the velocity of injected air and prevent backflow into the air line. These all-rubber valves are available in sizes from 1/4"to 6", an Read more

Multimeter For Checking Voltage Safely

Geekaysindia offers the Fluke range of digital multimeters. The unique VCheck feature on the Fluke 11, 12, 12B and 16 Series multimeters allows voltage measurement irrespective of whether the meter is Read more

Depth Micrometer Checker

The depth micrometer checker is specially designed and serves as an ideal master gauge for calibration of depth micrometers that must be set zero before accurate measurements are taken. Gauge block Read more

In-motion check weighers

Chennai-based ABE Scales and Systems supplies in-motion check weighers, which are for delivery and quality control with high performance and accuracy meeting all production inspection demands. These a Read more