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Temperature Gauges, Bimetal

Bimetal Temperature Gauges are economical, rugged, reliable, temperature measuring instrument. The bimetal helix is properly heated, coated with viscous silicon to minimize the pointer oscillation and Read more

Washers, Copal Bimetal

Torsion Industries offers Copal Bimetal Washers which are bimetal washers that prevent bimetallic galvanic electro-corrosion at copper and aluminium joints. Copal consists of copper (sheet metal) clad Read more

Thermo Bimetal

The company offers thermobimetals which are laminated materials consisting of at least two components with different thermal expansion coefficients. During heating one of the components expands mo Read more

DOL Starter with Bimetallic Thermal Relay

Macpaul Starters Private Limited (formerly Maxel Starters Private Limited) offers DOL oil immersed Starter with Bimetallic Thermal Relay. These starters have bimetallic thermal overload relay with adj Read more

Temperature Gauge, Bimetallic

Aavad Instrument offers an extensive collection of bimetallic Temperature Gauges. The product is designed, quality tested and deployed at the company’s own premises. Due to high quality and flawless r Read more