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Socket Pins With Spring-Loaded Balls

Erwin Halder KG produces socket pins with spring-loaded balls which can be easily locked and secured. Frequently repeated connections can be easily unlocked by one hand. The stainless steel socket pin Read more

Steel Balls, Pins And Satellites For Vibratory Finishing

Technocon Engineers offer Techbuff, a quality steel burnishing media - balls, satellites, and pins. This is specifically made for use as a polishing media in tumblers, barrels, harperizers and vibrato Read more

Steel Balls, Precision

NRB Bearings introduces high quality steel balls designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. These precision steel balls are manufactured in an entirely imported facility purcha Read more

Type Btp Rolled Inch-Series Ballscrew

Type BTP rolled inch-series ballscrews are said to offer more performance and standard features than other similar competitive models. Features include integral brush wipers, a lube port and an integr Read more

Phosphorised copper balls/ nuggets

MultiMelt Copper ConCast (India) manufactures Phosphorised OFHC copper balls, which are used as anode and NF rods and bushes for general engineering. They also manufactur phosphorised copper balls and Read more

Precision glass balls

G & D Tech offers Precision glass balls from Sigmund Lindner GmbH, who manufactures glass beads/ balls. It also manufactures precision balls in soda lime and borosilicate glass with extremely high tol Read more

Ceramic Bearing Balls

Tecnoserv offers Ceramic Bearing Balls, CERBEC. Hybrid Bearings using special ceramic balls of silicon nitride with steel races are known to perform far better than regular steel bearings, allowing ve Read more

Grinding Media Balls

Mangalam Industrial Products offers Grinding Media Balls. Specification: Steatite Ceramic C 221 - L 5; and Properties/materials - Equivalent to DIN EN 60672. Features: basic material is magnesia silic Read more

Steatite Ceramic balls

Mangalam Industrial offers Steatite Ceramic balls. These steatite ceramic grade C 221 balls from 6 mm to 40 mm are made for ball mill grinding. These are used for size reduction process in ball mills Read more

Ceramic balls for hybrid ball bearings

CERBEC balls are lighter, harder, stiffer and smother with much less thermal expansion, than the best beating steel. Its features include: ultra-smooth surfaces and chemical inertness; reduces lube de Read more