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Brushless Servo Amplifier

Copley Control's Model 5424AC servoamplifier simplifies motion control designs, cuts cost and weight, by plugging directly into AC wall outlet. New generation design provides new system benefits-soft- Read more

Digital Ammeter With Amp-Hour/Amp-Minute Meter

Sonit offers DRT-400, digital ammeter with amp-hour or amp-minute Meter useful for electroplating and battery charging equipments. It accepts 75 MV DC from shunt for a specified current value up to 19 Read more

3-Way Buffer Amplifier

Phoenix Contact offers a new buffer amplifier MCRC/DC for the insulation and conversion of analogue standard signals. This allows a particularly space saving installation with a width of only 12.5 mm. Read more

Buffer Amplifiers For More Than 25 Different Input Configurations

More than 25 different input configurations for an output signal of 4-20 mA can be processed by the new and technologically unique MCRCLP-Ul/I-4 buffer amplifier by Phoenix Contact. This buffer amplif Read more

Isolation Amplifier

PEPL's programmable isolation amplifier (ISO-5) is highly reliable and uses solid-state components to offer no maintenance even under harsh industrial environments. It accepts various input like mV, V Read more

Digital Ampere Time Meter

Digital ampere time meter from Prestige Electronics is intended for indicating and controlling current time characteristics of plating rectifiers, battery chargers/dischargers, etc. It can be directly Read more

Brushless Amplifiers

MFM Technology offers Odyssey Series brushless amplifiers. They feature optional modules for velocity, sine wave, six step, encoder, resolver, and isolation. BUS voltages range from 24 to 300 V, and p Read more

Digital Servo Amplifier

Kollmorgen's Servostar Digital Servo Amplifier is suitable for machine tool, packaging, converting, textile, electronic assembly, document handling, and defence applications. Offered with current rati Read more

Thyristor Module, 500 Amp

SPE Pune, manufacturers of semi-conductor thyristor modules, has introduced the highest capacity of SCR-SCR isolated module, Type SPSS 800 PB. Being of high current (500 A), the module has specific di Read more

AC/DC Servomotors, amplifiers, tacho-generators

Mavilor, Spain is manufacturing AC/DC servomotors, amplifiers, tacho-generators for industrial automation. The application of the Mavilor equipment has been in areas of plastic, printing, cable indust Read more