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AC Air Break Contactors

Peco Industries offers AC Air Break Contactors. It is manufactured as per international standards. It consists of a fixed contact system with a magnetic core, solenoid coil and a moving contact sys Read more

AC Air Break Contactors

AC air break contactors from PECO Industries fully conform to IS: 13947 (Part 4/Section 1) and other standard equivalent is IEC 60947-4-1/60947-1/60947-4-2. These contactors consist of a fixed cont Read more

Single Air Break Switch Isolators

Transpower offer a range of Isolators (G.O.D) and H T Air Break Switch (G.O.D). The range includes Horizontal / vertical type single break, Tilting Type as per IS9921 & 1818, Tilting type / double bre Read more

Gang Operated Air Break Switch

N S Transmission Pvt. Ltd. offers Gang Operated Air Break Switch. The Gang Operated Air Break Switches are infused with improved operability by incorporating advanced mechanism. Read more