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Yokogawa unveils OpreX Multi-Sensing Remote I/O VZ20X Analog Sensing Unit

The VZ20X is also able to accurately collect data needed for the development of components such as the on-board batteries used in electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs), and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs).Read more

Yokogawa Electric begins work on carbon-neutral project

The goal for this project is to lay the groundwork for a business that will aim to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions for the entire industrial complex in the Goi district of Ichihara City in Chiba Prefecture (Japan) by 2050.Read more

Yokogawa Electric begins work on carbon-neutral industrial complex project

Yokogawa begins work on inter-industry collaboration study project for the realization of a carbon-neutral industrial complex - decarbonisation through the effective use of CO2 emissionsRead more

Yokogawa releases platform for Advanced Control and Estimation R5.03

Platform for Advanced Control and Estimation is a software suite that brings together Shell's advanced plant process control technology and Yokogawa's real-time control technology to help customers improve productivity by increasing product yield and reducing energy consumption.Read more

Yokogawa obtains ISASecure CSA Level 1 certification for its safety instrumented system

This is the first time a safety instrumented system has obtained this certification. Read more

Yokogawa develops TDLS8200 analyser for simultaneous measurement of 3 gases

The new TDLS8200 probe type tunable diode laser spectrometer (TDLS) - from its OpreX Analyzer line-up - can simultaneously measure oxygen, carbon monoxide, and methane concentrations for optimum combustion control in heating furnacesRead more

Yokogawa selects C3 AI Suite to enhance enterprise AI applications

Yokogawa expects C3 AI to play a critical role in its AI-enabled offerings that deliver optimised productivity for clients, greater levels of industrial autonomy, and creation of new business opportunities across industry verticals like power generation, chemicals, oil & gas, etc.Read more

Yokogawa enters biomass material business with its new subsidiary

The new company will produce and market biomass materials to enable a sustainable carbon cycle.Read more

Yokogawa joins hand with ICQ Consultants for biopharmaceutical business in USA

As per the alliance agreement, ICQ Consultants will provide consulting and engineering services for the installation, maintenance, qualification, and support of Yokogawa's bioreactor systems and related products in the USRead more

Yokogawa to offer OpreX Batch Solution for batch plants

Yokogawa to offer OpreX Batch Solution for batch plants For use as a central element of OpreX Batch Solution, Yokogawa has also developed Integrated Recipe Manager (IRM), and will be releasing this product on the same date.Read more