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OMRON launches UVC disinfection robot to fight infectious diseases

With rise in importance of sanitisation and disinfection in the post COVID 19 era, UVC disinfection robot - co-created with Techmetics Robotics - will give organisations less labour-intensive and long-term solutions to ensure their premises are safe and germ-freeRead more

Digitalisation: Reshaping future of manufacturing

Organisations have started a step towards digitalisation, looking at the benefits like increase in sales & profitability due to increased reach, increase in market share, creating & building brand awareness with less cost,, etc.Read more

OMRON launches MOS FET relay module G3VM-21MT

G3VM-21MT - the first electronic component in the world to adopt a “T-type circuit structure” -contributes to reducing maintenance frequency of test equipment and improving productivity of electronic components. Read more

Balaji Switchgears: The one-stop-shop solution provider

Balaji Switchgears also offers customised solutions like ACDB/DCDB; distribution boxes; distribution feeder panels; and feeder pillars. Read more

OMRON launches LD-250 mobile robot for moving payloads up to 250 kg

With the addition of the LD-250 into OMRON’s mobile robot LD series, customers in industries like automotive, electronics, etc no longer need to establish fixed material transport equipment.Read more

OMRON launches LD-250 mobile robot to move payloads up to 250 kg

The LD-250 is the strongest and newest addition to the company’s LD series of mobile robotsRead more

OMRON unveils light convergent reflective sensor B5W-LB series

The new product adopts unique lens structure combining four types of aspherical lenses and realises stable detection with wide sensing range regardless of colors and materials such as shiny, black, and transparent surface.Read more

Rise of Robots: New avenues of harmony between man and machine

Amongst all the automation solutions, robots are one of the most distinctive and dynamic examples. Sameer Gandhi explains, their interface with human beings has been continuously evolving enabling them to make inroads to varied manufacturing fields such as automotive, packaging, FMCG, food & beverage, infrastructure and form an important constituent of the whole automation portfolio.Read more

Automation firm OMRON introduces 2D dimension and visual inspection machine

The VT-M121 can perform dimension and visual inspection simultaneously to detect scratches and cracks on products.Read more

ACG partners with Omron to create smarter solutions

Omron’s plug-n-play solution turned out to be ‘a customer’s delight’ and helped ACG Pampac to live up to all the expectations meted out by the customer for the key performance indicators as well as the factory acceptance test.Read more