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What lies ahead post pandemic

The pandemic has shifted focus from global to local. In this situation, manufacturers are trying to bring supply chains closer to home and are creating opportunities. Manufacturers are leveraging automation and digital technologies to foster growth, says Frans Van Niekerk.Read more

Four benefits of cloud computing for manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry must fulfil large volumes of production at a faster delivery rate while at the same time being cost effective and flexible. Cloud computing can help the industry fulfil these needs, says Sachin Nigam.Read more

Global manufacturing industry is limping in the right direction

The long running semiconductor shortage saw strains on supplies caused by booming sales in electronic devices at the height of the pandemic, says Adrian Lloyd.Read more

DEP’s simulation technology improves quality in manufacturing industry

DEPMeshWorks’ manufacturing simulation functions are designed to help improve the life of tooling and reduces manufacturing defects. For manufacturers, it gives real-time inputs. Read more

Contraction in global manufacturing output lower than expected at 3.9% in 2020

India, China, Japan, and the US have together racked up in excess of $ 200 billion in lost MIO (Manufacturing Industry Output) potential in 2020, says Interact Analysis report. Machine tools were the biggest casualties globally, while semiconductors and electronics machinery sector emerges virtually unscathedRead more

Four ways to improve manufacturing efficiency using managed IT services

Manufacturing organisations have special technology needs. With the right managed IT services provider, manufacturing companies can automate and enhance processes as well as overall productivity of the internal IT teams, says Neelesh Kripalani of Clover InfotechRead more

How will 5G improve industrial automation?

As part of Industry 4.0, more automated systems are relying on the IoT than ever. Since 5G will bring network improvements, it will improve the IoT and consequently improve automation, says Megan Ray Nichols.Read more

How will mobile connectivity impact manufacturing?

Industry 4.0 is changing the face of manufacturing. As the world gets ready to switch to 5G technology, wireless connectivity will make it even more promising. Though they may seem insignificant on the surface, mobile networks have potential to revolutionise manufacturing, says Megan Ray Nichols.Read more

Industry 4.0 is changing dynamics of manufacturing industry

In this article, Utkarsh Bansal, analyse changing trends that shall revolutionise in manufacturing industry,Read more

GMCV 2030 gearing up manufacturing industry for growth

Finally unveiled at the conclave was the next year’s event ‘Small is Big: Conclave and Awards”. It will be held on May 22, 2020. The sectors in focus for the next year’s conclave will be defence and aviation. Read more