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Detroit Engineered Products expands its presence in Canada

DEP’s new office - the company’s ninth office globally - gives DEP a formidable advantage in its strategic positioning to address the demand of emerging marketsRead more

Detroit Engineered Products introduces ConceptWorks to CAE market

With ConceptWorks, CAE engineers will now be able to bridge the gap between modelling design and analysis, which will help in optimising the model, with faster turnaround times, and minimal effort.Read more

DEP is planning to set up new testing center in India

Established in 1998 in Troy (Michigan, USA), Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) - an engineering services, product development, software development and talent acquisition company - today is a global company with footprints in Europe, China, Korea, Japan and India. Read more

DEP’s simulation technology improves quality in manufacturing industry

DEPMeshWorks’ manufacturing simulation functions are designed to help improve the life of tooling and reduces manufacturing defects. For manufacturers, it gives real-time inputs. Read more

Detroit Engineered Products develops Garuda drone to protect aerial territory assets

Drones are being used in diverse industries including defense, entertainment, agriculture. Recently, drones were used to manage on ground situation for COVID 19 and for spraying of pesticides to rid large tracts of agricultural lands of locust infestationRead more

Right design strategies in the age of smart manufacturing

Manufacturing is the end point to give shape to a product that was conceptualised, designed, engineered and validated by engineers. Products from mass customisation segment in the age of Industry 4.0 pose different challenges to design and engineering teams.Read more

Detroit Engineered Products (DEP), launches MeshWorks 8.0 in India

DEP MeshWorks, a CAE driven platform for rapid concept CAE and CAD model generation, meshing and morphing announced the release of its latest MeshWorks 8.0 version with a whole new category of modules that transforms the product development.Read more