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Alfa Laval opens next-gen manufacturing site in Italy

Alfa Laval recently opened a new greenfield manufacturing site in San Bonifacio, Italy, for the production of brazed heat exchangers.Read more

Alfa Laval opens heat exchanger production plant in Italy

The next generation manufacturing site in Italy is a part of its Industry 4.0 strategy and will produce brazed heat exchangers.Read more

“Regular cleaning is critical to product integrity”

Focus on hygiene and uncompromising cleanliness is a top priority of manufacturers, and integrating CIP with process is one of the utmost needs of the industry.Read more

“Digitalisation is the latest trend in heat exchanger sector”

Market for heat exchanger in India is growing more than rest of the world. According to Himanshu Sheth, Business Unit Manager GPHE, BHE, FHE, Energy Division, Alfa Laval India, Industry 4.0, sustainability and environmental preservations are top priorities.Read more

Alfa Laval India becomes a private limited company

Alfa Laval India hereby informs all its stakeholders that the company has now changed its status to be a private limited company effective 22nd September, 2017 and will henceforth be known as 'Alfa Laval India Private Limited'.Read more

Alfa Laval Touch Control is the new standard of control for marine boilers

Alfa Laval Touch Control is being rolled out successively for new and existing Alfa Laval Aalborg boilers. First out are the Alfa Laval Aalborg OL and OC-TCi boilers, which will now feature advanced control with a simple touch. With its graphical touchscreen display and intuitive two-touch navigation, Alfa Laval Touch Control is a major leap forward in boiler control technology. As the new common control platform for all Alfa Laval Aalborg boilers, the system will be a familiar interface for crRead more