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CEAMA: Chip shortage delays launch of new consumer electronic products

The domestic appliances and consumer electronics industry, is facing shortages in components such as semiconductors and chips, said industry body CEAMA.Read more

China’s Hisense to set up TV manufacturing plant in India

Hisense, a leading consumer electronics and TV manufacturer, announced its plan to set up a local manufacturing plant in India with a capacity to produce two million TVs within the next two years. Read more

A new era in India - Korea digital partnership: Ravi Shankar Prasad

The post liberalisation era in India saw the arrival of three Korean companies - Hyundai, Samsung and LG, which transformed the face of the automobile, consumer electronics and high end electronics market in India. Read more

Silicone: A versatile polymer for industrial applications

Vinay Pandey says silicones, due to their unique molecular structure, are used in a broad range of products, including electrical insulation, consumer electronics, home appliances, automobiles, aerospace, medicine, clothing, and much more.Read more