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IMTMA, FE Dream collaborate for women-focused upskilling program in metalworking

The free training program - scheduled to be conducted from February 07, 2022 - March 31, 2022 - at the IMTMA Design Institute, Bengaluru, will focus on “Design and Manufacturing of Special Purpose Machine”Read more

Numeric launches premium single-phase UPS Premius

Available in the range of 1-10 kVA, Premius is positioned to offer the Power of One advantage to the consumers, with design at the core, balancing aesthetics, technology with ease of use and performance.Read more

Digital penetration accelerating UPS market in India

The recent reports on ensuing power crisis further accelerates the need to invest in quality power back-up to be able to recover from the past and move ahead in the recovery phase. Digital transformation is also increasing the demand for Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to ensure business continuity even during unprecedented challenging times. Thus, the future for the UPS industry looks positive, says Palash Nandy. Read more

Best Power Equipments launches lithium battery solutions with 5-yr warranty

Lithium batteries are poised to become the preferred choice for UPSs in IT applications. This can be accredited to the growing awareness among users about reduced greenhouse gas emissions.Read more

Riello Power adds 75kW Combo Cabinet Multi Power UPS family

The new Multi Power model can accommodate 3 modules of 15 or 25 kW (the modules must be of the same power), is the ideal solution for IoT and EDGE computing applications.Read more

Schneider Electric predicts 50% power demand rise of IT sector by 2030

Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, released a research report titled ‘Digital Economy and Climate Impact’. Read more

Best Power Equipments (BPE) to ramp up its presence in Southern market

This expansion aims to cater to southern India region for increase in demand due to growth in IT enables services across varied sectors.Read more

Amitanshu Satpathy: UPS demand to grow by 25-30 per cent every year

Industries and workforce is coping with the new normal of work-from-home, resulting in rise of UPS both at industrial and home user base. Data Centers are spearheading the UPS growth in India. Amitanshu Satpathy, Managing Director, Best Power Equipments (BPE) delves into recent trends, exports and improvement areas in the UPS industry, in an email interaction with Pushkar Oak.Read more

Best Power Equipments supplies 2000 units of UPS amid pandemic

During COVID, power and utility companies expanded their efforts to keep their workforce safe and have the necessary skills.Read more

Syed Sajjadh Ali: Eaton to focus on energy transition, EV and digitalization

With industries shifting to work from home and are remotely managing their tasks, UPS industry see a staunch rise with some new features in demand. With the government laying more emphasis on the capacity building and energy transition, Eaton is focusing on building smart products to serve the need. Syed Sajjadh Ali, Managing Director - India, Electrical Sector, Eaton, in an email interaction with Pushkar Oak, highlights recent trends in the UPS industry and digitalization. Excerpts:Read more