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Manav Kapur: M&A deals to rise in Indian auto industry

With start-ups in the electric vehicles (EVs) segment yet to create the perfect EV suitable for all Indian roads and manage scalability, merger and acquisitions (M&As) will rise over the years, says Manav Kapur, Executive Director, Steelbird International.Read more

Four auto sector trends to look at in the next five years

India is expected to be the world's third-largest automotive market in terms of volume by 2026 and is currently valued at $118 bn. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Indian auto industry has shown immense resilience and is facing the challenges posed by the pandemic head-on. The government is also taking adequate initiatives to boost the auto industry by offering product-linked incentives, scrappage policy etc. Manav Kapur, Executive Director, Steelbird International, delves into the automotive sRead more

Auto industry: Localisation movement needs government support

While there has been huge pressure on automakers and even component suppliers to manufacture fuel efficient vehicles and additionally meet the new challenges of the changing regulations for ICE vehicles, industry is hoping for a support from the government. On one hand it is developing EV ecosystem and on the other the industry meeting new regulatory challenges that government is imposing based on the Paris Pact. Import bans are another issue for component supplies. This makes it mandatory for IRead more

Steelbird International's new Facemask N 95 protects from particles below 10 micron

This facemask was launched at the Auto Expo 2020 being held in DelhiRead more