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Birla Carbon aims for ‘Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050’

A first in the carbon black industry, the company has aligned to The Paris Agreement along with its customers and suppliers’ commitments.Read more

Igus linear bearings: Unlock bearing, push liner out, replace and it's ready

Replace quickly while fitted on the rail: Liner replacement with igus exchange bearing. Extended sizes of the new lubrication-free exchange bearings ensure longer service life of drylin W linear systemsRead more

Igus exchange bearing helps in quick replacement of liners

Extended sizes of the new lubrication-free exchange bearings ensure longer service life of drylin W linear systems.Read more

Changing liners the clever way with drylin W replacement bearings of igus

The motion plastics specialist relies on liners made of high-performance polymers to ensure that igus linear guides slide silently and precisely. In order to make changing them even easier in extreme situations, igus has now developed a new replacement bearing. Unlock bearing, push liner out and replace it.Read more

GATES, India successfully hosted its 2018 annual overseas distributor conference

Gates, India team hosts its distributor conference each year, just before the start of the spring/summer season. This year Gates India team recently hosted a key Indian distributor conference at Almaty, Kazakhstan from April 30th to May 3rd 2018.Read more

Hydraulics will run and run with proper servicing

Modern cars are fantastically reliable, but only if they are well serviced and maintained. Similarly, well designed and built hydraulic machines will run for many years, but only if servicing extends beyond the occasional fluid level check! Servicing can be reactive or proactive, but either way it needs to be of a high quality to ensure optimised performance.Read more

Uflex develops speciality polymeric film to replace Nylon for flexible packaging

Uflex Limited, one India’s largest multinational flexible packaging materials and solution companies, has developed a specialty polymeric film to replace bi-axially oriented polyamide (BOPA) film - commonly known as Nylon – for flexible packaging industry.Read more

Specifying a replacement hydraulic pump

Pumps for hydraulic applications are highly specialised towards certain applications and environments, a reality which must be noted by the MRO professional. While a pump may achieve certain certifications such as those outlined by DNV GL, Lloyds and API which can guarantee a certain level of competency, how does this actually translate to specifying a replacement for a particular application?Read more

Siemens supplies the world's biggest gearless conveyor drive system

Nuremberg, Germany, October 06, 2015 – Siemens has supplied the world's biggest gearless conveyor drive system to the Cuajone Mine in Peru, which is operated by the Mexican mining company Southern Copper Corporation (SCC). The modernisation project will entail the installation of a new gyratory crushing and conveyor system by 2016. The belt conveyor will replace a railway system currently used to transport the ore out of the mine to the processing plant. The Integrated Drive System (IDS) used toRead more