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Detroit Engineered Products expands its presence in Canada

DEP’s new office - the company’s ninth office globally - gives DEP a formidable advantage in its strategic positioning to address the demand of emerging marketsRead more

Detroit Engineered Products introduces ConceptWorks to CAE market

With ConceptWorks, CAE engineers will now be able to bridge the gap between modelling design and analysis, which will help in optimising the model, with faster turnaround times, and minimal effort.Read more

DEP’s simulation technology improves quality in manufacturing industry

DEPMeshWorks’ manufacturing simulation functions are designed to help improve the life of tooling and reduces manufacturing defects. For manufacturers, it gives real-time inputs. Read more

DEP’s vehicle parameterization tech reduces weight and makes it fuel efficient

The technology of parameterizing complete vehicle CAE models using design enabled optimisation in DEP MeshWorks and the process of multi-disciplinary optimisation are the key pieces that deliver value. This CAE driven process has been deployed successfully in both early-stage vehicle development as well as for optimising existing platforms.Read more