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Geared products market to reach $14 bn by 2025: Report

While China continues to be the largest market for industrial geared products, SEW Eurodrive retain the largest share of the market, says Interact Analysis reportRead more

Demand for drives is linked to levels of automation

The performance of the Low Voltage (LV) drives market is closely tied to overall global manufacturing output. According to Blake Griffin, Senior Analyst at Interact Analysis, global sales of low voltage motor drives dropped by approximately 8.9% in 2020. Read more

Factors driving predictive maintenance needs in process industries

While legacy condition monitoring systems are still used to a large extent, their limitations in terms of affordability and accessibility have pushed smart sensing to the forefront of predictive maintenance solutions, says Blake Griffin of Interact Analysis.Read more

Two contrasting trends in geared motors market

According to Tim Dawson, the supplier landscape is characterised by two contrasting trends - a small number of unusually dominant firms; and an unusually large number of overall suppliers into the market.Read more

Global manufacturing industry is limping in the right direction

The long running semiconductor shortage saw strains on supplies caused by booming sales in electronic devices at the height of the pandemic, says Adrian Lloyd.Read more