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Schunk Intec offers Lathe Chucks. In the past, operators had to use a variety of different rings. With the ADR from Schunk, only one set with some turning discs is needed, whereby the diameter of the discs is increased in 2 mm increments. The individually required dimension is defined via three bolts, which are screwed onto the circumference of the discs before machining. Since fitting holes are no longer required, the jaw turning discs can be easily used in a plug & work manner. In order to achieve a precisely adjusted intermediate diameter, the bolts can be milled off, and can be reordered as a spare part. The set of jaw turning discs from the innovative family-owned company is available in two sizes, for diameter ranges from 125 to 250 mm, and from 250 to 520 mm. On request, they can be supplied in a handy transport box. The company also offers Clamping Tools/Holding Systems, Clamping Device, Proximity Switch, 2-IN-1, Complete Image Processing System, Magnetic Clamping Systems, etc.