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The tool holder is a systematic approach to perfect tool clamping. Every specific application requires a different tool holding system. No single precision tool holder can perfectly satisfy all the demands no matter how universal it is. Particularly in terms of precision, it is important not to make compromises. And this is exactly where Schunk offers a total tooling programme. The tooling range comprises four precision tool-holding systems – Tendo, Tribos, Celsio and the universal Grippers, Sino and the Acuro balancing technology.

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Schunk is market leader in high-precision tool-holding systems. Our total tooling programme covers the entire range of precision tool holding systems. Our customers reap benefits in two respects since we not only provide exclusive distribution of leading-edge products, but also offer specially developed systems with an immense technological potential. Our consulting is objective and focuses on a particular application. This helps us to determine the tool holding system that is optimal for your tasks.