Turbo Air Ventilator

Turbo Air Ventilator

Ganga Steel

Ganga Steel offers Turbo Air Ventilator. Proper ventilation is necessary in all buildings, which are extremely susceptible to condensation and heat transfer. Generally, hot or stale air will not exhaust through an opening into which wind can blow. Therefore, regular static ventilators, which allow outside wind to enter in the shed because of over design or location on the roof, cannot be expected to exhaust because they back draft. An efficient means of extracting warm and stale air is through roof mounted turbo air ventilators, which create positive draft, removes hot gases, obnoxious fumes, bad odor, enhances ventilation. Adequate low level provision for the entry of fresh air at ambient temperature should be provided. Turbo Air Ventilator is manufactured based on computer aided designed which provides optimum air ventilation. These Turbo Air Ventilator are very light weight, high corrosion resistant, maintenance free, energy saving and provides efficient operation vent in a breeze of wind. Turbo Air Ventilator are designed in 2 size 21 & 24 inches fitted with ball bearing & stainless steel shaft to provide almost zero noise operation. These Turbo Air Ventilator are fabricated with special grade aluminium to anodized specification.

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