Pid Temperature  Humidity Controller

Pid Temperature Humidity Controller

Libratherm Instruments Private Limited

Libratherm offers PID controller, model AHU-948 for controlling temperature (T) and relative humidity (Rh) for the AHU and other similar HVAC applications. 

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  • It is microcontroller based design; designed for HVAC/AHU/DHU control application. 
  • It accepts direct input from T + Rh transmitter; PID/On-Off Control output in the form of 4-20mA/0-10VDC.
  • Accurate monitoring of  T and Rh value of  Process and Reactivated  Air being delivered to the room or the hall. 
  • Accurate control of devices like 2 way or 3 way hot/cold valves/damper Actuators, heaters  to maintain the T and Rh in the Air flow processed by the AHU systems. 
  • It is RS485 serial port is available for interfacing to DCS or PLC or BMS.


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