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K U Sodalamuthu and Co offers Automatic Winding Machines. It is based on Sodaltech and used for spiral paper/ tube. It is suitable to make paper cores, textile tubes, POY tubes, composite cans, etc., using relevant raw material. It has strong and ruggedly fabricated structure to negotiate workloads.

K U Sodalamuthu and Co Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore

Model ID: Motowind - SLT 100
Electromech offers CNC Stator Winding Machines, Motowind - SLT 100. It is of high speed and used to mass-produce step motors, AC servo motors and brushless DC servo motors.

Acme Electronics offers microprocessor based automatic/CNC coil-winding machines. The products are available with single/double spindle in standard category.

Model ID: AEF-01
ACME Electronics offers a microprocessor based programmable floor type winding machine, Model AEF-01, in extra heavy category to wind coils having wire up to 7 SWG and strip up to 6.5 mm with maximum coil length up to 450 mm and coil diameter up to 500 mm.

ACME Electronics offers Programmable Winding Machine for linear and toroidal coils. The various standard models are available to cover the wire size from 8 to 50 SWG, winding length up to 500 mm and coil diameter up to 500 mm.

Model ID: Zigisha 4fdx
Programmable Coil Winding Machine, Zigisha 4fdx, is a microcomputer controlled to attain high winding accuracy, consistency and requires low maintenance.

Electromech offers Motowind – SLT 80M, a high speed flyer type tabletop rotor winding machine. The machine is used to mass-produce brushless DC servo motors, AC and DC motors.

Horizontal wire braiding machine is designed to braid high tensile steel wire braiding on hosepipes.

Bhupendra & Brothers (Machinery) Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

Vertical wire braiding machine is designed to braid G.S., S.S., copper or aluminum wire in form of flat or round rope and to braid on cable or hose pipes.

Bhupendra & Brothers (Machinery) Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad