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Ahura Aqua Treat is engaged in offering Water Treatment Systems that include RO systems, zero discharge RO, de-ioniser/de-mineralising system, sewage treatment plant, effluent treatment plant, water softeners, etc.

Brisanzia Technologies Pvt Ltd manufactures Softener & Filtration System that can easily and efficiently remove impurities from the water making it safe to drink.

Brisanzia Technologies Private Limited, New Delhi

Brisanzia Technologies Pvt Ltd provides Package Type Plant for sewage as well as effluent based on the project requirement after site survey and preliminary studies.

Brisanzia Technologies Private Limited, New Delhi

Ahura Aqua Treat, an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company, offers Zero Discharge RO Plants. The company is engaged in manufacturing water treatment systems that include RO systems, zero discharge RO plants, de-ioniser/de-mineralising systems, sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, water softeners, pure water systems, etc.

Ahura Aqua Treat offer Loop / Distribution System, which is used for pharma companies.

Electrotherm (India) offers DM Water Circulation Unit.

The Gaseous Chlorination Plant can be used to generate bacteria-free water at swimming pool, water treatment plant, overhead and underground water tank, and cooling water tower plant.

Inteco Colloids offers Colloid-A-Tron non chemical Water Treatment Equipment for Scale Prevention.

Inteco Colloids Private Limited, New Delhi

Inteco Colloids offers Scaletron, a Hard Water Scale Preventer that prevents the formation of hard water scale by a combination of pressure changes, turbulence and galvanic action, which cause the dissolved scaling salts to be precipitated as fine colloidal particles, which pass through the system without depositing as scale.

Inteco Colloids Private Limited, New Delhi