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Inteco Colloids offers Scaletron, a Hard Water Scale Preventer that prevents the formation of hard water scale by a combination of pressure changes, turbulence and galvanic action, which cause the dissolved scaling salts to be precipitated as fine colloidal particles, which pass through the system without depositing as scale.

Nothing contributes to membrane fouling more than the amount of silt that passes through it. Ideally the pretreatment of RO water is supposed to take care of the SDI levels, but inadequacies in pretreatment will only be apparent once it is too late for the membrane.

Ahura Aqua is a pioneer in design and installation of Water Treatment Plants and Equipment.

Micropore offers Aquacell 500, a grey-water recycling system. The Aquacell 500 systems consists of two tanks that can be installed in a cellar, garage or other room very easily.

ProMinent Softeners and Demineralisation Systems are manufactured in accordance with highest quality standards offer unique solutions for removal of total dissolved solids present in water.

Heidelberg ProMinent Fluid Controls India Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru

Ozone Generator is the most powerful disinfectant available in the Industry. It acts 3000 times faster than chlorine and does not leave behind any toxic substance after the reaction in the water, which is a major problem faced with the use of chlorine.

Heidelberg ProMinent Fluid Controls India Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru

Daftech Engineers offers a DAF clarifier. Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is an effective method of treating industrial waste waters especially from paper mills, dairy units, textile industries, tanneries and food processing like edible oil refining, fisheries, meat processing, etc.

Gaseous Chlorination Plant, also known as Aqua Chlorination Plant, has been adapted to open design. The system is easier to detect possible leak in time.

Potence Controls is one of the rare breed of solution providers in the field of process analytical instrumentation. The company provides an all round solution for analytical instrumentation for process, laboratory and portables.