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Medimage Technologies offers Upright Metallurgical Microscope.

Medimage Technologies Private Limited , Hyderabad

Optomech Engineers Pvt Ltd offers a range of Horizontal Profile Projectors.. The wide range of projectors provides unique solutions for profile measurement problems.

Optomech Engineers Private Limited , Hyderabad

Model ID: TE-P
Kusam Electrical Industries Ltd offers a Thermal Imaging Camera, Model TE-P.

Kusam Meco Import Export Private Limited (Kusam Electrical Industries Limited), Mumbai

Model ID: ThermEye 160
Tempsens Instruments (I) Pvt Ltd offers an affordable Thermal Imaging Camera, Model ThermEye 160.

Tempsens Instruments (I) Private Limited, Udaipur

Hitech India Equipments, a leading supplier of material testing equipment, offers a wide range of Profile Projectors. This includes: all kinds of profile...

Hitech India Equipments Private Limited, Chennai

Model ID: Model 876
Thermal Imager measure the infrared energy emitted by surfaces remotely.

Testo India Private Limited, Pune

Model ID: Testo 810, Testo 830 & Testo 845
Testo offers Portable Infrared (IR) sensors also called Non- Contact Thermometers. A complete range of Portable Non Contact Thermometers for industrial applications.

Testo India Private Limited, Pune

Model ID: 875 & 881
A thermal imager also called a IR Camera or a Thermography Camera is a Non Contact device which measures the IR energy from a Surface and gives a picture of temperature distribution on the object.

Testo India Private Limited, Pune

Bombay Tools Supplying Agency offers a Semi-flexible Endoscope.

Bombay Tools Supplying Agency, Mumbai