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Rotary Vacuum Pump is dry type (carbon vane) vacuum pump. It is available in capacity ranging from 10m3/hr to 90m3/hr and maximum vacuum of 620 mm HG.

Indovac Pumps & Engineering Co, Mumbai

Indovac rotary vane oil sealed high vacuum pumps are available in single and double stage with directly coupled to motor flange or with V-belt driven.

Indovac Pumps & Engineering Co, Mumbai

Ace Instruments offers portable pressure cum vacuum pumps. These are extremely portable and accurate compound pressure cum vacuum pumps from Tecsis GmbH, Germany. They are capable of generating -0.85 bar vacuum to +35 bar pressure.

Ace Instruments, Hyderabad

Single Stage Water Ring Vacuum Pumps are based on the most reliable SLM design. The pump develops maximum vacuum of 710 mm of Hg, when sealing water temperature is around 30°C (755 Barometric Pr. and 30°C suction temperature).

Joyam Engineers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

Shavo Technologies offers a range of pneumatic products from GAST, USA. Gast piston air compressors and vacuum pumps are built to withstand the most rugged operating conditions with corrosion resistant materials used for critical internal parts.

Shavo Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune

Linear pumps are used for applications requiring extremely quiet and highly efficient operation and simple maintenance. These pumps find widespread use in the medical, industrial, chemical, environmental, and scientific industries.

Shavo Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune

Acmevac Direct Drive, Oil Sealed Rotary High Vacuum Pumps are compact in size, as they are directly mounted on the motor flange.

Acmevac Sales Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Indovac monobloc blowers for pressure application are rotary sliding vane blowers specially designed for intermittent pressure applications for agitation for resins in mixed bed deionisers/water treatment plants.

Indovac Pumps & Engineering Co, Mumbai

Indovac has developed and introduced sophisticated higher capacity vacuum pumps in the Indian and international markets, which are mainly used by most chemical and pharmaceutical industries in their process plants.

Hindustan Everest Tools Ltd, New Delhi