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Maap Instrumentation offers a wide range of surface roughness tester.

Maap Instrumentation, Coimbatore

Hitech India Equipments offers dynamic hardness tester.

Hitech India Equipments Private Limited, Chennai

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited offers Oil Resistivity Tester. OTD-45 is single self contained unit containing oil test cell, high frequency induction heating with temperature controller/sensor; dielectric loss measuring bridge, AC test voltage source, SF6 filled standard capacitor; high resistance meter; DC voltage source and all digital circuits. Large screen LCD displays each step, tips and measurements. Built-in printer prints the test results.

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited, Mumbai

Rishabh Instruments Private Limited offers High Voltage Insulation Tester. ITHV series is a high voltage portable Insulation Tester used to measure the insulation for cables, motors, electrical wiring and other devices capable of carrying the rated voltage.


Rishabh Instruments Private Limited, Nashik

Model ID: AET 23

Rishabh Instruments Private Limited offers Smart Digital Earth Tester. The Agam earth tester, AET 23 is capable of performing measurements of both earth resistance in ohms and also calculates AC earth voltage from 0-200V.Earth resistance testing can be performed across three ranges: 0-20 Ohms , 0-200 Ohms and 0-2000 Ohms. 

Rishabh Instruments Private Limited, Nashik

Rishabh Instruments Private Limited offers Earth Testers. ET series are the portable Earth Testers for measurement of earth resistance and soil resistivity. The compact design allows the use in industrial as well as household application.

Rishabh Instruments Private Limited, Nashik
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