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Model ID: Extech DT500

FLIR offers a wide range of laser distance meter with bluetooth®, extech DT500.

FLIR Systems India Private Limited, New Delhi

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited offers Digital kV Meter. High Voltage Meters measure AC and DC voltages of up to 30kV with high accuracy. The meter input impedance is as high as 1000 M ohm, making the meter suitable for measurement of voltages of high source impedance circuits. Meters are compact and light weight and can be conveniently used as a calibration meter.


Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited, Mumbai

Toshniwal Sensors Pvt Ltd offers handheld odor meter.

Toshniwal Sensing Devices Private Limited (Toshniwal Sensors Private Limited), Ajmer

Trinity Touch Private Limited offers Multi Function Analog Timer. Trinity Touch offer multi-range and multi-function timer. Choose the timing function, time range, contact configuration. The Trinity Touch multi functional timer relays offer a range of functions which can be selected on the front side of the relay.

Trinity Touch Private Limited, New Delhi

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited offers Insulating Oil Tester. Udey insulating oil testers are market standards since 1960 and several thousand of units are in use around the world. Series OTSA are fully automatic compact and portable testers giving smooth variable outputs of 60, 80 and 100kV for testing dielectric of insulating oils used in electrical equipments.

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited, Mumbai

Model ID: RTS-963

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited offers Relay Testing Set. Model RTS-963 is an ideal, newly developed multifunction relay tester adopting monolithic computer technology.

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited, Mumbai

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited offers Primary Current Injection Test Set. Udey PCT series comprises of two units: 1) a control unit and 2) a loading unit. Thus making the tester compact and portable. Four models are available with outputs from 250 A to 3000 A.

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited, Mumbai

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited offers Capacitance And Tan Delta Tester. Udey CDF-6000 is a new generation, fully automatic, 12 kV capacitance and dissipation factor test set designed for insulation and quality assessment of high voltage power apparatus in the field, floor shop or laboratory. 

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited, Mumbai

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited offers VLF AC Hipot Testers. It is well known that DC testing of aged extruded cable such as XLPE and EPR is potentially damaging to the cable insulation causing premature failure of the cable under service conditions.

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited, Mumbai