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Prime Industrial Products

Model ID: JAV 014

JVS Electronics offers Alarm Annunciator. It is a microprocessor-based annunciator in modular design. The depth and the height of the unit are uniform for the entire range of 4 to 24 windows. The power supply range covers all standard DC and AC voltages. This facility is provided in the front of each unit for convenient programming of all functions. The Trip and Non-trip function selection of each window and also the operational sequence selection are programmed from front operated DIPswitches.

JVS Electronics Private Limited, Ramanagara

Model ID: M2-8
EAPL manufactures M2-8 Programmable Fault Annunciator with ABS enclosure, which has super bright LEDs for fault indication and relay outputs for fault terminals.

Electronic Automation Private Limited, Bengaluru

Fire Dampers are provided on air/gas ducts to control flow under normal circumstances and to isolate areas connected by duct from the fire affected area. These are manufactured with single flap/multi-louvers.

The different ranges of Volume Control Dampers are Motorised Volume Control Damper, Motorised Face & Bypass Damper, Variable Inlet Vane and Circular Damper.

Model ID: N1-16

Field programmable annunciator - N1-16, functions with panel for with 16 window. It has a sleek ABS enclosure with super bright LEDs for fault indication.

Electronic Automation Private Limited, Bengaluru

Speed-O-Control flame proof products specially are designed for use in hazardous areas prevailing in petro-chemical and chemical industries and underground coal mines, where explosive gases are evolved or are likely to be evolved during normal working conditions.

Speed O Controls Private Limited, Mumbai

Alarm annunciator, model MBA-16/32, which is highly reliable and accepts potential-free optically isolated NO/NC contact (site selectable) as fault input.

Pyrotech Electronics Private Limited, Udaipur

Photon Controls offers a compact version of electronic safety guard for operator safety on pneumatic, and hydraulic power presses, shears, press brakes, etc.

Photon Controls (India) Private Limited, Nashik

The Commando Elephone is specially made for elevator (lift) as an emergency phone. The Commando activates with a single press of the remote push button, which initiates automatic dialling to both hand unit installed at different places.

Technic Electronic Corporation, Mumbai