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Pumps & valves segment, which plays a highly critical role in the productivity of the core sectors of the country, contributes significantly to the growth of Indian economy.The pump industry is classified into two categories - centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. Centrifugal pumps segment, with over 90 percent of the market, dominates the industry. Within this category, single stage radial flow pumps and submersible pumps together make up 70 per cent. Sectors such as agriculture, building services, power generation, oil & gas, water & wastewater and other industrial sectors are major users of pumps.   >> Read more
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Model ID: PWN
Mather & Platt Pumps, a subsidiary of WILO AG, Germany, offers home booster pump, Model PWN.

Mather & Platt Pumps Ltd, Pune

Model ID: APJP-500-1
Pneumatic jet pump APJP-500-1 is a powerful suction pump working on venturi principle. The flow of compressed air through directed nozzles creates a powerful vacuum. There are no working parts, therefore, the wear and tear is almost nil, and the maintenance cost is negligible.

Fuji Air Tools (India) Pvt Ltd, Pune

Model ID: FK
Fristam Pumps offers Circumferential Piston Pumps, FK. It is for exceptional pumping tasks. Optimum suction capability, high discharge pressure and the most gentle product handling when pumping high viscous products, are the specialty.

Fristam Pumps (India) Pvt Ltd, Pune

Advanced Materials & Tribology offers Process Pumps. It is used for graphalloy refinery process. It is of L-single stage overhung type. It pumps HF acid, which is one of the most dangerous products pumped in a refinery.

AMT Enviraclean Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Vehicle Cleaning Pumps are designed & manufactured with advanced engineering techniques.

PressureJet Systems Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad

Model ID: SG Series

ANI Engineers offers Helical Gear Pump, SG Series. It is available in cast iron grade with single helical alloy steel gears and hardened and ground shafts.

Acmevac offers Vacuum Pump. It is available in both-single and double stages. It is silent in operation with the result that the silencer is totally eliminated. Its mechanical shaft seals design ensures adequate protection to the expensive shaft and provides ease of maintenance.

Acmevac Sales Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Uppal Ferrocast manufactures Pump Casing. It ensures longer quill life as there is no side load on the quill. Quill is precisely guided in guide bushes at two ends.

Uppal Ferrocast Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

Ravel Hiteks manufactures a wide range of peristaltic pumps These find wide applications in R&D and teaching institutions, chromatography, chemical, food processing, and pharmaceutical units where fluids are to be transferred without cross contamination or where corrosive liquids have to be handled.

Ravel Hiteks Pvt Ltd, Chennai