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Komet Precision Tools offers Drills. It ensures short process times, high performance and long service life. It is of high quality and standards.

Komet Precision Tools India Private Limited, Bengaluru

Caterpillar offers Electric Power SpecSizer Tools. It is used for generator set sizing and specifying.

Caterpillar Inc , Bengaluru

Model ID: BR-1

A wide range of application such as grinding, buffing, sanding, and angle grinding is possible with the single speed gear machine, model, BR-1.

Nippon Electrical Industries, Ahmedabad

Model ID: BR-8

The powerful, high-speed and ergonomically designed router is useful for grooving, chamfering, blanking wood-carving and profile cutting.

Nippon Electrical Industries, Ahmedabad

Drill long series having two helical flutes with a parallel shank of approximately the same diameter as the cutting end similar to a jobber drill but with increased flute length

JK Files (India) Limited, Thane

Drills stub series are shortened form of the parallel shank jobber series twist drill the reduction in length being on the cutting end (flute length)

JK Files (India) Limited, Thane

Drill jobber series having two helical flutes with a parallel shank of approximately the same diameter as the cutting end

JK Files (India) Limited, Thane

Dynabrade’s air-powered industrial-rated lightweight Dyninger portable sanding tool is excellent for blending and scuffing sealer coatings and flat surfaces. The air tool eliminates raised grain and reduces loose fibres when whitewood sanding and provides a uniform and smooth surface.

Dynabrade India Abrasive Power Tools Private Limited , Navi Mumbai

Manufacturers, especially those chosen for outsourcing by a global players know that de-burring is quite a serious requirement. The skill required for de-burring and may be filing can be high. The right manpower is always scarce to find. Jobs are typical, attention to detail a must.

Suhner India Private Limited, Bengaluru