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Dust Extraction Systems are used for fleet of dust generating machines / processes. These systems are customized based on the indutry, shopfloor layout, type of dust and other factors.

CK Airtech India Private Limited, Hosur

Centralised Fumes Extraction Systems collects all the process machines developing toxic fumes through a common manifold and then treated suitably in the wet scrubber, leaving clean air to the chimney.

CK Airtech India Private Limited, Hosur

S & C Invotek offers Carbon Adsorption Unit. This caters to all major process industries like food, pharma bio, chemical, paint, breweries, distilleries and SPMs.

Guru Technology Services offers Dust Collector Bags. The dust collector bags are stitched from polyester, PP, fibreglass, ryton and other fabrics. These also replace media and repairs air filters for blowers, panel and box type filters.

Guru Technology Services, Vadodara

Fluidyne Engineers offers Diaphragm Bellows in leaf thickness ranging between 0.1 mm and 0.5 mm. The diaphragms are edge welded by micro plasma welding using special fixturing for preventing uneven stress.

Fluidyne Engineers India Private Limited , Chennai

Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator is a mechanical device used to handle continuous airflow with easy adaptability to any roof profile and high capacity per vent. It is designed to withstand high wind velocity in different weather conditions.

Sreelakshmi Traders, Chennai

Dhakar Engineers offers an electronic ioniser and air purifier. This is a solid state electronic device that generates negative ions.

Air King make dust collection system is a high efficiency, low ratio, performance oriented, designed to meet pollution control norms, various models - as per customer requirement.

M P Engineering Co , Ahmedabad

Model ID: Enginaire
Enginaire pre cleaners are designed to remove contaminants from air. These Cleaner can remove up to 99.9% of larger airborne particles.

Ecotech Environmental & Petromarine Engineering Private Limited , Kadavanthara