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Phosphating System is the mostly used pre-treatment method called as phosphating. Phosphate coating is the layer formed on surface, which includes iron, zinc or manganese crystals.

Dip Spin Coating System is used on bulk items like, fasteners to coat them with paint or specialty coatings. The equipment has been tested on-line during the process and approved after relentless testing.

Cathodic Electro Deposited Coating is extensively used in the automotive industry. In this process, the component after phosphate pre treated is dipped in the bath of E-coat chemicals and given an electric charge.

Furnace oil is widely used in India as a fuel in furnaces in hot rolling and die casting. The following problems are encountered in the furnace operation: 1. Thermal shock cracking – thermal shock is unavoidable in furnace operation, however much care may be taken.

Steel Plant Specialities LLP, Mumbai

Paint markers from Soni Polymers come with non-toxic ink, that gives permanent marking on various surfaces and are indispensable for industrial requirements. Popular with surfboard painters and being used extensively by auto industry, steel industry and all industries which need permanent marking on raw material, in process material and finished goods.

Soni Polymers Pvt Ltd, Nagpur

Model ID: Cheetah

Model Cheetah from V R Coatings is two-component spray equipment. The range is designed for tough working conditions and is suitable for two component high viscosity, solvent less, low solvent, semisolid, high build, marine coatings, etc.

The profitable operation of modern, highly productive textile machines depends to a large extent on how well the key components that make contact with the fibres and threads resist wear and tear.

Metallizing Equipment Co Pvt Ltd, Jodhpur

Mould Protection Spray IT-1090 is a high performance dry waxy removable coating spray designed for protection of the moulds and finely machined surfaces in storage.

Integrated Technology, Navi Mumbai

Model ID: XM-600

The new automatic two axis manipulator, Model XM-600, developed by Metallizing Equipment Co comes with job rotation arrangement for coating on piston rings.

Metallizing Equipment Co Pvt Ltd, Jodhpur