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Prime Industrial Products

Filters are Triton-free and have a bidirectional membrane support and luer lock (15/25 mm dia) or stepped barbs (50 mm dia) inlet/outlet for a secure fit to the syringe

Cole Parmer India Private Limited, Mumbai
Prime Industrial Products

S & C Invotek manufactures and offers bag and cartridge filters.

Prime Industrial Products

Chisso fibre expertise and rigid technology delivers clear benefits due to the bonded nodes, fine fibre diameter and uniform or graded porosity which form a highly porous, rigid structure, capable of removing over-sized contaminants, agglomerates and deformable gels whilst allowing non-defect causing particles to pass through without stripping or premature filter blockage.

Cole Parmer India Private Limited, Mumbai
Prime Industrial Products

S&C Invotek manufactures Liquid Filtration Systems for high and low viscous liquids used in the process of engineering and process industries. The range of products includes liquid bag filters.

Acmefil Engineering Systems Private Limited offers Bag Filter. Pulse Jet Bag Filter to handle air volumes with dust loads as continuous operations. Controlled pulse jet ensures clean filter bags for improved performance.

Acmefil Engineering Systems Private Limited, Ahmedabad

Timken India Limited offers Single Point Lubricators. Applying lubrication exactly where and when it’s needed will help keep your operations running smoothly.

Paramount Limited offers Cartridge Filters. Cartridge Filtration is the filtration technology of removing suspended solids from a solution by passing it through a different micron size filters. The cartridge filters come in different sizes and various micron rating for all your filtration applications.

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