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AC Geared Motor is a compact, silent and reliable AC geared motors from 6 Watts to 90 Watts.

Strategi Automation Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru

AC Servo Motor is best for applications that require stable speed control, precise positioning, quick response and accurate torque control. This motor is available with 2500ppr incremental encoder or 17 bit absolute encoders.

Strategi Automation Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru

Amber Engineering Enterprise offers a Brake Motor. This is a single-phase motor provides AC or DC EM disk type brakes in two types, one is normally off and brake engaged when power is being applied and the second one is normally on and brake engaged when the power is withdrawn.

Amber Engineering Enterprise, Rajkot

Premium Durodrive Geared Motor is a world class quality based Geared motor on the latest European technology.

Premium Transmission Limited, Pune

These torque controller type motorized cable reels are a reliable, low cost solution for reeling long lengths of cable. These drums are available for a complete range of cable lengths from 30 to 500 meters, for voltage upto 11000 V.

Orton Engineering Pvt Ltd, Thane

Model ID: REC 6110
Rexnord Electronics & Controls offers C-Frame Motors, REC 6110. These are 2-pole type shaded SFHP induction motors, in stack size 61 x 61 x (10, 13, 15 and 25) mm.

Rexnord Electronics & Controls Ltd, Mumbai

Lunar Motors is a small-scale sector company, which has developed its own manufacturing process a wide range of motors. At present, it has around 56 different motor models consisting of DC micro motors, DC geared motors, DC heavy duty motors,etc.

Lunar Motors Pvt Ltd, Valsad

Sensewell Instruments is a strong technology based process control instruments manufacturing company having an excellent track record for high state-of-the-art quality instruments in process control industry.

Sensewell Instruments Pvt Ltd, Vadodara

AP Motronix offers Stepper Motors. It exists with the permanent magnet being the most popular now. A variety of step angles are available, the most popular is the 1.80 per step or also referred to as the 200 steps per revolution motor.

A.P.Motronix Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad