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Model ID: LL Series
Khanna Hydraulics offers Hydraulic Motors, LL Series. It is available with decreased leakages in drainage port. It is designed to work mainly as series-connected in the hydraulic system.

Khanna Hydraulics, Secunderabad

Vishal Electromag Industries offers DC Stepper Motors. It is hybrid type two-phase or four phase uni polar or bipolar motor, which convert electronic signals into mechanical motion.

Vishal Electromag Industries, Mumbai

Lubi Electronics offers AC Gear Motor. It ensures high performance. It is highly reliable and efficient. It is used in pharmaceutical machines, conveyors, printing and packing, label printing and lift systems.

Lubi Industries LLP, Ahmedabad

Laxmi Hydraulics offers Flame-proof Motors. Its frames and end shields are made of gray cast iron with sturdy design and have high strength to prevent internal explosion due to the external inflammable gas.

Laxmi Hydraulics Pvt Ltd, Solapur

Laxmi Hydraulics offers Energy-Efficient Motors, having the same frame size as standard motors and satisfies EF2 values. The efficiency curve of energy-efficient motors is flatter than that of standard motors.

Laxmi Hydraulics Pvt Ltd, Solapur

Model ID: B3 Series G type
Panasonic manufactrues new B3 series brush less motors. These motors come with an integral built-in brush less drive and are available in the range of 30 W to 130 W.

Panasonic Industrial Asia Pte Ltd., New Delhi

Model ID: MINAS E-Series
Panasonic manufactures MINAS E-Series, AC servo Motor. This motor offers real automatic gain tuning to low and high stiffness machines with a combination of an adaptive filter.

Panasonic Industrial Asia Pte Ltd., New Delhi

Rexnord Electronics & Controls manufactures condenser cooling and evaporator motors, in collaboration with Micron A Engg Co, Korea.

Rexnord Electronics & Controls Ltd, Mumbai

Model ID: CR-300BS
The DC Micro Motor, CR-300BS finds application in battery operated toys, massagers, handy-fans, cordless-tools, birds & animal feeders, handy vacuum cleaners, etc.

Lunar Motors Pvt Ltd, Valsad